22 Goblins A mystical, magical ancient halloween style puzzle tale translated from ancient sanskrit.

Mystical, Magical Halloween Puzzle Tales
Translated From Ancient Sanskrit
Translated from the Sanskrit by Arthur W. Ryder

And so it was written that in time long long ago there came into being a most mystic and magical story that held within its depths 22 smaller even more magical and charming little puzzle-tales.

And it was written by the wisest of all, that these stories should become known all over the world and be received with great honour and respect. For whosoever shall tell or hear even a small part of these magical mystical puzzle tales shall be suddenly be purified in heart and mind and deed. And thus, wherever these stories are told or heard, monsters and demons and giants and witches and goblins and imps shall be rendered powerless.... even on All Hallows Eve.

And so my friend I give to you this witching season a very special treat to keep you and your loved ones safe from trickery and harm.

Table of Contents

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